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Photo courtesy of Marisa Hollis Photography (2018)

He hurled a gauntlet. She destroyed it.



William de Beaufort, Black Dragon of Normandy, survived six grueling years with the warrior maker in Ireland — another four building an army and reputation. Pledged to no lord, working only for gold, he hires their muscle across Europe and the Near East to high and lowborn alike. Until this day. Now he rides with his army to claim the bride he does not want.


La Belle St. Gaunt, only daughter of a west Marcher earl, grown to womanhood exploring the forests, lush valleys and meadows — boundlessly wild, scrappy. As her eighteenth birthday approaches she curses the fates that made her a girl. Vows she will never be a bartered wife to any man.




As the English King weighs the costs of war, William and La Belle barrel across Offa’s dyke into Wales in a clash of wills that leaves them battling for survival.  


William wrestles his need for freedom versus the stunning might of nature given into his hands. She pierces his flesh, splits his army, shatters everything he holds close. Can he leave her behind and ship back to Europe before the King plays a hand destined to destroy his life?


La Belle battles for the life of a man she scarcely knows, a warrior who goads her at every turn, a lover who sweeps her across the chasm from girl to woman — their journey, salted with falsehoods and bloodied by violence, forces her to choose — forgiveness or freedom.


Raw. Intense. Emotional. William and La Belle’s passion scorches the pages of this erotic medieval romance. It’s rife with conflict, pulse-pounding action, and surprising twists. The Dragon and The Viper is a fast-paced adventure sure to enthrall readers from first page to last.

Angela Johnson

Paragraph by paragraph I was transported into the historic world of knights, kings and men. Swept along for the ride as La Belle fights her attraction for this man who is no gentleman, you can't help but turn page after page to see what they'll do next.

 A.E. Noble

The fiery relationship between La Belle St. Gaunt and William de Beaufort will drag you unmercifully into their world. They'll frustrate you with their pigheadedness and pride, and entrance you with the hot, hot, hot energy that throbs between them. Underpinned with accurate historical details, The Dragon & The Viper will give you sleepless nights for all the right reasons.

Morgan Chilson

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